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Our students say

Abigail Steele

4th Year Student

Winner of the "Lyn Richardson Scholarship"

"Morea Performing arts is a very special place with the most amazing faculty that push you every day to improve massively in areas that you have always had a strong base in as well as in the areas that you never thought you could be good at. Every single member of our faculty is the top in their field of the industry and they inspire us in every class to be the best version of ourselves. I feel so grateful to able to learn from them every day. I see the improvements in the students around me every day because of the incredible teaching and I know it is going to give them all the best possible chance of having successful careers in whatever part of the industry they decide to go down.

One of the best things about the college is that throughout your training you are encouraged to be your own individual person with your own path and not to feel as though you have to copy or be anyone else.

 I have been on such a huge journey over the past two years and I have improved massively as a dancer, singer, actor and an overall performer but I know that I still have so much further to go with it. To be able to be given the opportunity to have an extra year of training on a scholarship to help me reach my full potential makes me so excited and I will be forever thankful.

Finally, Ms Morea is the most caring, nurturing, supportive Principal of the college and alongside Mr Martinez we could not ask for a better team. And on the days that we get stressed that we’re not good enough they always know how to make us see every day is not always going to be perfect but it is how you keep going that counts.

Through the good days and the bad days, I have enjoyed my journey at Morea Performing Arts so far and I’m so excited to see it continue".

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