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Testimonials from Katie Morea's past and current students

" As an ex student of Katie Morea, I tell students and teachers alike that I would not have achieved or be able to do what I do today, without Katie as one of my teachers. Her detail and exceptional teaching ability and ethic inspired me to aim to teach with the quality and knowledge that she does. Katie's insight and depth in her field in the UK is hard to rival.  Any young student would be privileged to be trained by her and I will be steering all my Senior Students her way! They will be given a quality personal dance and performance training and will graduate top of their profession able to compete against any existing Theatre College existing in London."



Alison Forrester

ISTD Tap Examiner, syllabus creator and american tap specialist

"My passion for dance has never diminished, but my inspiration to keep pursuing my goal was Katie Morea. She encouraged me, pushed me when I needed it and made me realise if I wanted to succeed, I ultimately had to believe in myself.


My admiration for Katie’s teaching and choreographic work, inspired me upon graduation to continue studying, as she did, at the prestigious Alvin Ailey School, New York. Here I secured a scholarship place and was privileged to receive personal mentoring from an AAADC dancer.


Currently I am apprenticing for a contemporary company in the USA called Eisenhower Dance, considered Michigan’s best contemporary company and with the respect I learnt from Katie Morea,  I continue to appreciate acquiring more knowledge everyday, growing in confidence as a person and dancer."


Gemma Beasley 

Trinity Diploma in Musical Theatre 

"......Katie is an exceptional teacher. She is passionate, knowledgable and incredibly generous; she works tirelessly, fully investing in the development and future of her students. I felt that she created a nurturing environment whilst pushing me as a technical and articulate dancer, generating beautiful movement to perform, and challenging my understanding and approach to being a professional dance artist.

Katie truly understands the psyche of dancers and is sympathetic to the ups and downs of pursuing a career in dance; subsequently she knew exactly how and when to push and challenge me, and when to offer support and encouragement.

Katie's training was for me ideal preparation for entering the 'professional world'. She honed the qualities that make me a dancer who has integrity, understands the importance of class and technique, is not afraid to take risks, and will forever have a desire to keep learning and evolving. It is these qualities that have ensured I work extensively as a dancer.

I am still absorbing information from my training and will continue to refer to the wisdom Katie shared as I enter the next phase of my working life."


Joanne Pirrie

BA Hons 1st class


Freelance dance artist, working in dance companies, film, television and music videos.

" Dance has been the love of my life, for as long as I can remember, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had such a wonderful training, with Katie Morea, at Bird College.


It was always my dream to become a Performer/Teacher/Choreographer and Mentor and I have now been lucky enough to teach students of all ages, in many genre, around the World!

Thank goodness I started my teacher training at College!! Performing was great... But with teaching I get to perform everyday.


As well as pass on my knowledge and passion of the Art of Dance to the next generation. Which is priceless! It incredibly tough and frustrating at times, but if you feel passionately enough, want something badly enough, work hard enough, and dedicate yourself to that something......anything is possible! "
                                            Thank you Katie!


Penelope Boyse


LISTD Modern Theatre, ISTD Ass Dip Imperial Ballet and Tap

Currently teaching in Vancouver, British Columbia

"Katie has greatly influenced my journey as a dancer and development as a person, both professionally and personally.


At the start of my professional dance training I was insecure and under confident; Katie was the one teacher who saw my potential and believed in me until I was able to believe in myself. She has the ability to make everyone in her class feel special and cares deeply about her students, both in their development as dancers, artists and people. It was within her classes that I found my strength as a dancer and felt like I could fully express myself.


I feel extremely privileged to have been taught by her, lucky to have worked with her, and grateful to now call her a very dear friend."


Catherine Rayner

BA Hons Dance and Theatre Performance

"I've had the pleasure of being taught by Katie for three years during my study at Bird college. She is extremely committed to her students and strives to get the best out of them.

She always manages to make her classes challenging, not only through technique but also her great use of musicality. Her teaching is very thorough and therefore I gained great technique and understanding of my body.

She covers every aspect of dance. Not only is she about producing the correct image of movements. She also ensures that you're doing it in the healthiest and safest way for your body.

Apart from teaching she is also a great Choreographer. Her choreography is very clever, innovative and divers. In my graduate showcase she choreographed two pieces. One was very abstract, where the other one was much more lyrical and full of emotion. Both powerful, but completely different pieces".


Momar Diagne

BA Hons

Now performing in Memphis, West End

"I had the privilege of being a student of Katie's throughout my three years of training, and will forever be grateful for this.


I have never come across a more passionate teacher who endeavours, every class, to encourage physical and personal achievements, bringing out the best in each and every student. Her infectious drive, enthusiasm and incredible knowledge and experience is such an inspiration, not to mention her exquisite creativity, choreographing beautifully artistic and intelligent works.


Katie strives to develop the physical understanding of the body but also instills immaculate etiquette, approach and attitude into all of her students.

This will stay with me forever."


Rebecca Fennelly

BA Hons

Now performing in Singing in the Rain tour


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