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Our Patrons (in aphabetical order)

Corraine Collins
ISTD Ballet Syllabi creator, Ballet, Modern and Tap Faculties Examiner and ISTD Ballet Committee Member 
Lyn Richardson
Creator of ISTD Syllabi, ISTD Senior Examiner, Choreographer and Teacher

A fellow and graduate of The Royal Academy of Dancing. 

Appointed an Examiner for the ISTD Imperial Ballet Faculty aged 25 and shortly afterwards was appointed a Modern and Tap Examiner.


In 1997 was upgraded to a triple major Examiner with responsibility for examining in the UK and overseas.

A DDI and DDE Examiner for the Modern and Tap Faculties and a Licentiate Examiner for the Imperial Ballet Faculty.


A Committee Member of the Imperial Ballet Faculty and a regular Lecturer for the ISTD. A regular member of the Teaching Faculty for the Imperial Ballet Faculty at its residential Teacher's Course held at Chichester's Bishop Otter Campus.


In 2003 was awarded the Dancing Times Cup for the Teaching of Classical Ballet at the Imperial Ballet Awards.

Her endorsement


"A colleague and personal friend for more than 20 years. It would not be an exaggeration to describe Katie (Morea) as an outstanding Teacher and Choreographer.


Katie has real vision and will be totally driven to achieve the very best for all students training at MPA.


Parents looking for a caring environment could not wish to find a better place. Pastoral care and individual attention will be at the very top of the list of priorities.


Katie has a proven track record for producing not only outstanding artists within the world of Theatre, but for producing young people with integrity and drive."

                          Corraine Collins

Former principal of Performers College, Lyn Richardson trained at Bush Davies and Laine Theatre Arts.


She has taught at the UK’s leading colleges, namely Laine Theatre Arts, Bird College & Performers College and is a member of the development team for the ISTD Modern Theatre Faculty, creating many new syllabi. Lyn examines extensively for the ISTD globally and enjoys teaching both teachers and students alike.


She cares passionately about the development of both experienced and future teachers learning and understanding, who in turn will pass this knowledge on to their pupils and students. An advocate of developing musicality and artistry from dancers at all stages in their learning, Lyn continues to promote the importance of these qualities to both dancer and teacher alike.


Her endorsement


"Having worked closely with Katie for many years, I have witnessed first hand the pure brilliance of her teaching and choreography. Any student fortunate enough to be trained by her will develop an understanding of their physique, technique in its purest form and will grow as artists under her guidance. 


Each student will be cared for individually. Katie will expect dedication but in turn, students will receive the highest level of teaching by experts in their field. She will instil a professional discipline that will allow students to reach their full potential."


Lyn Richardson 

Tereza Theodoulou

Creator of ISTD Syllabi, ISTD Senior Examiner, Chair of the ISTD Modern Committe, Choreographer and Teacher.

Tereza began her training with Joy Spriggs in North London, ultimately achieving Fellowship status with distinction in both Modern and Tap.In America, she studied at the Alvin Ailey School and further explored the rich diversity of Jazz and Tap at various studios in New York. She revisited New York in December 2011 and 2012 for further choreographic inspiration and to compare teaching methodologies with those used in the UK. 


As a co-founder and choreographer of her own company ‘Overtures’, Tereza has created and performed in numerous productions. She has also worked with the British Theatre for the Deaf where she was instrumental in implementing the then new technique of ‘Sign Song’, first introduced in New York. This culminated in a workshop presentation of ‘My Fair Lady’ at the Edinburgh Festival.


College teaching posts have include Laine Theatre Arts and Head of Modern/Tap and Third Year Teaching Studies Co-ordinator at London College, Bedford, the college of the I.S.T.D. At Bird College, she specialises in Jazz Technique and delivering the DDI (teaching qualification) for the I.S.T.D. She also teaches at Dance College Whitstable where she delivers Jazz and Modern as well as the course of study for the DDI and DDE teaching qualifications.


Tereza is Vice Chair of the Modern Theatre Faculty Committee. As a Senior Examiner, she regularly examines and teaches throughout the UK, Europe and Internationally. She is also an Assessor for Approved Dance Centres for the ISTD and is a regular member of the teaching faculty at Chichester International Summer School and ISTD headquarters.


Tereza has been a member of the creative team that choreographed the Modern Theatre Grades and has most recently been intrinsically involved in creating the Revised Advanced 1&2 Modern Syllabi for the ISTD.

Her endorsement


"Katie’s standards of excellence are recognised amongst her colleagues and the countless students she has influenced. Anyone fortunate enough to have been taught by her will never forget her exacting knowledge and tireless encouragement for everyone to reach their full potential.


Choreographically the connection to musical phrasing and rhythmic accenting is a noticeable trademark of her work and this is seen within the countless choreographies she has created alongside the ISTD Modern graded levels and most recently the Advanced 1 and 2 syllabi. 


Although I was one of Katie's first teachers, I know my job was an easy one. Every teacher's dream is to find that one special student who you can't actually teach, you just help them unravel their innate talent - the pleasure of witnessing that voyage of discovery is a revelation for both student and teacher - when a teacher learns from her pupil, she knows her work is complete. I am grateful to have taught and been taught by Katie Morea; it has been and will continue to be a great honour."



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